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To all the families trying to make it through this crisis

Families and Friends

With the pandemic threat of the Corona Virus keeping many families contained in their homes  we thought we could help alleviate the COVID-19 blues with some fun science activities you can do with your children. We placed more videos up than we had before - to give you more activities in science you can have fun with.

Video of the Month is SMOKE DONUTS!

Entertain your children with these really cool SMOKE DONUTS.  Then have a "donut party" with some birthday hats and celebrate all the fun you can have with doing science experiments together. Have some donut company deliver a box of mixed donuts to your door. YUM! Science Guy 911 - here to help!

Can-Can and Dime in a Dish Challenge!

Check out this video that will challenge you and your kids to see if you can do what Mr. McWiz can do. It demonstrates Bernoulli's Law  - the same law that makes planes fly! After you try the dime in the dish, try a nickel or two. Keep your blast of air LEVEL with the table. You and your kids will have a LOT of fun for at least 20 or 30 minutes! Then do some research on flight and why airplanes fly. Make some paper airplanes, cut off the tips and try to throw them into something like a box.

Surface Tension Amazement

Snakes, spiders and insects can skim or walk on water - but how do they do that? Watch with amazement how taking some household items you can demonstrate to your children the concept of surface tension. Then look at Experiment 17 in our science book to see what else you can float on water - and why. Why not throw in a floating is fun party to see what items out of the fridge you can float. Is there more than one reason why things float on water?

Fun Activities with Gravity

Many children believe that the heavier the object, the faster the object will fall. Use this experiment (#53) from our book as an opener for exploring gravity. Then pretend you take a space ship around the house looking for two objects that will challenge that conclusion. Next, blast off into space and see how distance and mass (like weight) of moons, planets and stars pull on each other - this is the universal law of gravity.  Thank you Isaac Newton!

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Mr. McWiz is another Science Guy

He is a science teacher, who LOVES teaching kids science, writing and reading. Nominated for the Presidential Award for Mathematics and Science, he has written several books, including McWizKid Science and Rhyme'n Time Phonics.  He's also been featured in newspapers in Indiana.

LOTS of science fair project ideas!

 Check out our many ideas listed as well as the many materials and kits that might prove helpful.

Every month we have a new experiment

We have a new experiment to give you even more ideas for fun science with your children or students. Usually they will come in helpful videos. 

Every month we have a new Super Science Kid Award winner

Parents send in their child's submission for a good science experiment  - and can win an award and science prize! Contact us for more details. 

We believe you'll love the poetic verse phonics book!

This book is set with catchy verses and silly, fun stories that can accelerate your child's reading - AND get them giggling!  277 pages - a GREAT value.

We offer behavior modification High Five All Star Cards

These cards are a proven tool  - to help improve behavior and academic choices in your child or young teen.


McWizKid Science Book PLUS Bonus Videos!


($0.00 shipping)

Pay with PayPal or a debit/credit card

These are over 65 fun and fascinating science experiments for kids ages 6 to 99.  It has user-friendly and mostly easy-to-find materials.  You'll be amazed how much your child and YOU will learn. The  explanation pages are easy to understand and help every parent or  grandparent become the expert when their child asks "WHY does it work  that way?" This comes with an experiment science book that has two valuable McWizKid Science "how to" videos where you can see many of the experiments demonstrated to make it  easier for you to do. The two video links will be sent to you after purchase. Please allow 2-3 days for them to be emailed to you.   138 page HARDCOPY science book plus TWO video transmissions sent. Now THAT'S a good deal!

Make Your Own Water Compass

This is experiment 34 in our science book. This is a GREAT activity to do with your child during all this indoor time. See if you can figure out what direction your living room is positioned of N-S-E-W. Label four pieces of paper and tape them on the wall. Play "compass kid" where your child turns in one of the directions that you call out. Then teach them the intermediate directions!

Does Sound Travel Better Through Air or Solids?

This is one of many "How To" video clips from the videos that will be offered when you buy McWizKid Science. This is Experiment 45 from the book and shows you how simple it is to do these experiments.  These experiments are great for parents, teachers, or homeschooling parents who need that little extra help in teaching a child or children science.  This is also a fun activity to do when you're getting bored staying inside. Science is not boring when it's done right!

Page Samples from McWizKid Science

Making a Water Compass

Floating Steel on Water

Floating Steel on Water


Who would have thought that by simply stroking a paper clip with a magnet - you could make a compass out of it? Do you know how many times you need to stroke the paper clip?

Floating Steel on Water

Floating Steel on Water

Floating Steel on Water


Steel normally sinks in water, right? But this is a scientific principle that will let it float on water. Do you know what that principle is? Perhaps there are several scientific principles??

Condensation Experiment

Floating Steel on Water

Condensation Experiment


Do you know what the opposite of condensation is? Do you know how low the temperature can go when you add salt to ice? Can you make frost on the side of a metal can - so thick you can scrape a thick amount with your fingernails?


Was $6.95 Now a $1 Download

McWizKid Science - 138 pgs. Electronic Download

Pay with PayPal or a debit/credit card

To all needy families during this corona virus crisis who cannot afford our hardback book - we offer this for only $1. We call this the "honor system". Regular price has been $6.95 this year and will go back up after the crisis is over. 

Please honor this by not reproducing this book's pages and giving to anybody else in any other way. If you have any problem downloading this please contact us. Thank you and stay well.

Discovering Air Pressure

Here is experiment #6 from our book that you may have fun doing with your family - with lots of probing questions to get science discussions going.  Then go outside and take a plastic glass and cut out some round plastic pieces from paper plates or a round plastic lid -and see who can turn a glass upside down - with water in it! Have some toothpicks ready to stick through the cheese cloth when the jar is upside down.

Would You Like 50 More Science Fair Project Ideas?

All on our mailing list will receive 50 MORE science fair project ideas upon request.

Do YOU know how to make a cumulus cloud?

Next trip to the pharmacy - pick up several bars of Ivory soap and have FUN making a cumulus cloud in your microwave. This will look very close to the real thing. While you're making it, ask some questions to your child - and then go outside to see if you can identify any of the clouds in the sky.

When it comes time for a bath with your youngster - encourage them by telling them they can take their cloud with them. It FLOATS!

How Smart are YOU in Science?

Does sound travel faster through air, land or water?  The answer is hidden somewhere on this website!

My Science Blog

Did you know that no USA coins are attracted to a magnet EXCEPT the 1943 penny - which has come steel in it?

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Helping Kids Read

Helping the Teachers

Helping the Teachers

 Brain theory is a science also. Rhyme'n Time Phonics utilized a study done by two researchers, Wylie and 

Durrall, that showed how 37 phonogram patterns, or word families, can help springboard their basic vocabulary 500 words. Great for beginning readers! Mostly animal stories, Rhyme'n Time Phonics are used with rhyming verse of four lines; where the sound patterns are highlighted in bold so that the pattern seeking brain can quickly pick up the sound/symbol relationships. The BIG RED Rhyme'n Time Phonics Version is 277 pages.   If your child gets excited about becoming a scientist - you teach them that they have to become a good reader to become a good scientist. Right?



Helping the Teachers

Helping the Teachers

Helping the Teachers

Some teachers have more training in other areas and need the extra help and direction in how to make science more exciting, relevant and address FSA  and other state assessment testing with more success. Mr. McClellan can help them do that - with LOTS of ideas from his extensive training and extra experiment ideas and videos that can enhance their classroom enthusiasm for learning.  His science book, McWizKid Science has LOTS of fun ideas for experiments with great explanations on most all of the experiments. There's nothing like a great science experiment to get the kids excited about coming to school and learning.  I  mean, come on, how often do the kids make you feel like a celebrity?


Helping Parents

Helping the Teachers

Helping Parents

Parents who could use some help redirecting their child's choices can use the proven method of High Five All Star  Cards. These cards are a tangible recognition of your child's or young adults good choices as you try to teach them better behavior and teamwork in the family. Parents can even turn it into a rewards system with an exchange of science items for so many HIGH FIVE CARDS they earned. Teachers have had success in the classroom with use of these cards and then having an auction for inexpensive prizes or food items. Listen to what one teacher said:

 "High Five Cards  reached kids that didn't respond to negative reinforcement, and needed positive incentives! It changed the way I managed behavior in the classroom!
     T.  Humphries, 5th Grade teacher, Florida

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